Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer with my favorite girls:)

Some of my favorite memories with Alexandra and Jacqueline...I'm going to miss them...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 days...

its getting shorter!!! Only 10 days left til my wedding day! oh wow...

Things to Do:

-make table arrangements and table signs


-figure out order of reception

-gifts for juniors, grace

-find a place to get my hair done

- cake

-type up a schedule for thebridesmaids

I canNOT wait to see all my Moody and Chicago friends in beaufort and show them my beautiful beautiful home town and introduce them to all the friends I've grown up with.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stephanie Campos

Today is a big day that I wish I could be a part of. It's Stephanie Campos' Wedding Day! She's getting married in Alaska, and I was supposed to be there-I had been looking forward to it all year...Unfortunately, my funds were not enough to get me to Alaska for this special day, because of rent and bills, but I wish more than anything I could be there right now.

Steph has been one of the most special persons in my life the past two years. For the past two years, we've had amazing times together, sharing our walks with Christ together, shopping, going on trips, accountability, late nights, sleepovers, and study dates. We went wedding dress shopping, and bridesmaid dress shopping, and made invitations, and all the grand ole stuff of wedding planning. Steph was the one that dragged me around to bridal stores to get ideas of stuff, and she's the one responsible for taking me to Borders bookstore to look at wedding magazines....All that is close to over as she's getting married today, and I'm getting married in two weeks! She'd spend nights over at my apartment to study, and hangout and watch movies, etc. I've missed her alot the past couples months school has been out and she headed back to Alaska:(

She'll be at my wedding in two weeks, and boy, am I so excited to see her and her HUSBAND paul!:)
Wish I were there Steph, but I'm thinking about you ALOT and praying for you and your husband!:) Love you sooo much friend.

Monday, July 20, 2009

19 days left...

19 days til I get married!!! Things left to do:

-make table arrangements and table signs


-rehearsal dinner list and invitations

-find a place for the photographer to stay

-figure out order of ceremony and reception


-gifts for juniors, clark and grace

-find a place to get my hair done

- cake

-type up a schedule for the bridesmaids

-Spend ALOT of time with my sisters

-Run, bike, and rollerblade more to lose my lil pudge-jk

-pack by thursday

- write more thank you notes

Whooooo!!! CAN'T Believe its coming up so soon!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Primary Day Camp

Here's my cabin group and Ethan's cabin group. We split the camp up into
small groups to go to the zoo on the last day of day camp:) It was fuN! the kids
had alot of funny things to say about the different animals we saw. We didn't get to
see the entire zoo, but we saw most of the animals the kids wanted to see:) Wish I could be around next year to help out with Primary Camp!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Most recently-my favorite part of my day.

The month of july has been a joy. These two girls have been the reason why! I've had the privilege to pick them up from camp the past couple weeks, and enjoy the afternoons and early evenings with them. I love sitting on the steps at 3 pm, on a warm summer day, and chatting with the neighbors while waiting for them to jump off the bus. I get excited when i see that big yellow bus with, "Fred's Camp," written on the side, and two girls with big smiles and bright blue eyes jump off and greet me with a hug. I love that. Alexandra and Jacqueline would be in my wedding as Junior Bridesmaids if not for the distance between here and SC. We make alot of stupid videos that, probably only we would laugh at. Our latest favorite thing to do is play baseball, surgery, and wrestle:) (they usually win!!)
Each day they come home, we talk about the high lights of our days, and the lowlights. These two girls are usually the highlight of my day each day:).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some sweet things from the weekend:
taking time off of work to go home to beaufort. sleeping in
my own bed at home. walking into the house with peyton's face
grinning up at me. driving a car across my favorite bridge. walking
around downtown beaufort with daniel. praying with the community.
running into friends and people i love.fireworks over the water. waking
up with peyton licking my face. late night sonic run with ashley.
bringing my wedding dress home in my safekeeping. finding shoes
for the wedding. running wedding errands with ashley. seeing my three
junior bridesmaids. chatting with old friends and thinking through
old memories with them. hugs from high school friends. being encouraged
through the bible from older women. walking around our
neighborhood with ashley and peyton. talking about life with my lil sis.
going on a walk with my daddy. sitting at the table and chatting with my mom.
getting on the plane and sleeping the entire way on both flights.

i love my times at home.

Monya, Sophia, and Anya

Monya, Sophia, and Anya
asking for prayer this week for them...