Monday, December 29, 2008

This is my third and last Junior Bridesmaid. Presley Thomas!:) She is 13 years old, and for the past four years, I've had the joy of knowing this easygoing country girl;). She's the gal i can count on for being rough and tough outdoors, from slip and sliding in the backyard to wrestling in river. Mudsliding, whitewater rafting, Wrestling, kayaking, and everything fun you can do outside, we've done it. I love this girl to death because she is so confident with herself and doesn't conforms to what her peers may do or say. Its great. She seems quiet, but don't be fooled, cuz she's got mischief up her sleeve-lol, girl after my own heart. I love the times with her, and she's in our wedding, because Ryan and I both love her so much. She calls Ryan, "Ryry" and looks forward to his visits, cuz we usually go out and do something with her, ale, and ashley. so here she is!:)

Flow pic... jumping on a hot summer day... tough girl

the wrestling match that i realized how much stronger this kid is than me. Sleepovers with her are fun:)

So here they are!!!:) my Three Beautiful and wonderfully crazy Junior Bridesmaids!! I get to see these girlies every break I have, and usually we go out for a movie...back when the fun park was open, we used to go there:). Sleepovers with these three are pretty hilarious, and although they are alot younger than me, I love these girls and each moment i spend with them. Can't wait for these three young ladies to stand with me at the altar...Having them in our wedding represents the intention of having them in our lives, to encourage them in their faith, and because I just love them just like little sisters.

Presley, Ashley, and Ale grace

Three Crazy ladies ;)

Our December 2008 movie date:) Highschool musical 3:)

Bridesmaid Update!!!

So, I finally asked my last bridesmaid to be in my wedding:). I never got the chance to ask her, because I rarely see her, so before i left Chicago, I got together with her, and finally got to ask her!:) I'm so thrilled that she'll be in it, along with her hubby, Jeff (who is a groomsman with Ryan). This couple means so much to both Ryan and I, because without them, I don't think that Ryan and I would be together now!:) They have been an encouragement to us, and have shown us so much love, and i can't tell you how much i love our times with them. Irene mentored me and kept me accountable through the past year of my relationship with Ryan, and I couldn't thank her enough for just how willing she is to invest in my life. I so appreciate her, and Jeff, and their friendship. Ryan and I LOVE the times we get together with them, they are so refreshing to be around. It's fun to have friends that are a couple, and this is a couple that both Ryan and I adore. We asked them to be in our wedding, because we know that they will be a part of our lives forever. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


today, i'm officially done with this semester - whoohoo! that leaves me with a free week of fun, work, and friends....loooove it! The past few weeks didn't seem like they'd ever end, but they did and i'm free, and i'm *strangely* almost done with my Moody Years. One more semester to go.

i feel so strange being free with no homework burdening me. i kinda want to do a bunch of thingss, like play in the snow, play wii, watch movies, have a good conversation by my window with hot peppermint white mochas...*sigh* but everyone's still finishing up with finals and studying. oh, well...

the other night, Charika and i chilled at my place and drank some apple cider with yummy sprinkles, and caught up with each other:). we played phase 10, the game i bought and no one has been wanting to play with me :(, but Charika and i made some to die for pop corn, and played the game. playing cards with her made me think of old times in Beaufort with friends, especially the times after Flow or Ukraine trips, when everyone would get together to play cards, Egyptian Ratscrew and BS. :) Anywayz, Charika was with me when i found ilene's ipod that i had lost a few days before, and found it under the sheet on the couch. hehe, we took pictures of how happy we were that i found it. (cuz i wouldn't have to buy her another ipod;))

yesterday i went shopping down on State st, which i absolutely love to do. something about the chill air, crowds of people, and tons of shopping bags that totally appeals to me. the Macy's windows are just as beautiful as ever this year, and the street performers are going at it with Christmas songs. I got most of my Christmas shopping done. I'm going to get everything wrapped tonite before the Christmas party that we're having for the Gameroom workers.

my ring is being resized right now. i'm really excited:) it won't go slipping and sliding off my finger anymore.  ryan's getting it back today, so that'll be nice to have it back:) 

Don't really know what to do with my self right now. i need to go to jewel, clean up some, and then figure out a time to hang out with Haley Rivers, a girl from back home who is in the Chicago area. should be fun:) maybe she likes sushi and we could go for that!

okay, after all my rambling on and on, i'm gonna go. Sorry for the random thoughts, i'm just so thrilled to be done with school for the sem! can't wait to go home and see the family...Ashley and i have a date this weekend, so she can finish her Christmas shopping and then we're going out for sushi! i miss that kiddo, so i'll be happy to see her:) It might be my last Christmas at home for year, i might be in Kansas with a HUSBAND and a new family!! Crazy that i'll be married this time next year!:)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


(I was playing with her hair to make it look like a Who from Whoville [Dr. Suess];))

i'm so excited:) i didn't know who i wanted to have as a flower girl. i did not have any options at home, and the one little girl that i wanted as my flower girl had moved to Texas. However, her family came to Chicago this past week and I spent a day with them this past Friday. I was so excited for the chance to ask them, and both her parents gave me an enthusiastic, "YES!" so allow me to introduce you to my Flower girl, Grace Parr:)

Grace is three years old. I got referred to this family to babysit, and ever since then, i've had this special spot in my heart for Grace. Grace and I always have such fun pretending to play house, school, babies, and reading books together. Grace is also one of my ringbearer, Clark's, best buddies, and on a few occasions, I've gotten the treat of having both of them at the same time! Grace is so independent and loving, and just an absolute doll. Her giggle is contagious, and she's got a smile that could melt anyone's heart. I love spending time with her, cuz she's such a cuddlebug, and loves to talk! 

I can't get over the picture in my head of my flower girl, Grace, and my ringbearer, Clark, walking down the isle'll be the cutest thing ever.

She's such a great kid...heres a pic of me and her, and a pic of her and her little bro, Patching.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

2nd to the last week of school...

here are a few pics of whats been going on the past week.

Snow day with the Shinohara's while Kristie decorated for a Christmas thingy:)
Kristian and Kory
Bundled up boy-kristian:)
Big Grin from Kristian:) He found his drumsticks:)
studying at Argo Tea and getting a visitor!:) bethany:)
All nighter at my place with Katie...well, she stayed up all night...and all day...and probably all night too...i slept at 4 and slept in. lol:) i like my sleep.
Studying and chatting.
and the HIGHLIGHT: i got visitors!!!:) My lil man Clarkster, and his mom, Dani, and lil Sister, Lily!:)
we made gingerbread cookies which ended up really...crumbly. totally unedible:)
ryan joined us for dinner:) first time ryan's met clarkster - our ringbearer:)
Clark helped me alot with the gingerbread stuff:)
Clarkster and Wheely:)

painting out cookies
my Lil Man and his car, Wheely!!!!:) (should have rotated it before posting...)
i had some great videos of dani and clark playing baseball on the wii...but it won't let me upload them! i'll figure out a way...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

wish i could go...

dear vova pochapski always sends me updated pictures of the kids at the orphanage. it usually is my favorite part of the day when he sends those pics and it makes my heart long to go. Here are some of the ones i received today:) 
I've been praying and praying that things would change so i could say yes to going this month, but its still looking like a no. i miss them though. so very much. 

When i was flipping through the pictures this morning though, look at what i found. made me smile:)

Ula, marina, tanya, me and ryan:)

Monya, Sophia, and Anya

Monya, Sophia, and Anya
asking for prayer this week for them...