Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working on the wedding website!!

Check out the progress of our wedding website!! and leave a message in the guest book:) the site is not completely done yet, but its getting there!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whoa, what?! I've got senioritis!

(Freshman year-2005)

in chapel today, one of the freshman on 6west asked me, "Kristine, do you have senioritis yet?" It's weird, cuz, well, I do.

I never thought I would get senioritis...i've always been pumped being here at school, cuz i love Moody, I love my friends, I never thoght I'd want to leave it. I remember my earlier years here at moody, when i'd look at the seniors and wonder how they could EVER want to leave Moody...Our school is amazing. I loved living in the dorms and loved staying up late and being crazy on our floor with my roomie. Classes with my friends totally rocked, as we were all so excited to be in the same classes together, but none of us could ever stay awake in class, because we'd be awake all night long trying to catch up on homework or just laughing and talking constantly through the night. I love those memories, and I love college, however:

I do have senioritis. not necessarily the kind that most people have. most people are just ready to not have homework, not have chapel, not have Moody rules, and not have to live on campus.  I don't have a problem with any of those actually...I have senioritis, because I'm ready to be done and hit the ground running with ministry. I'm itching to get done so i can jump into the waters of youth ministry while i'm fresh with my education from Moody. I visited Pat, the career develoment, and he gave ryan and i a stack of churches around the country that are looking for Moodies to hire. In Senior Seminar, we're working on our resumes, so we can start sending them out. I'm so excited to start! If the summer was a taste of youth ministry, both with the ups and downs of it, I'm really really thrilled to be going in to youth ministry. 

Theres just so much excitement with this part of life. And after this sem, i'm getting married, so i'll get to do ministry with my best friend and husband!! Ryan and i are praying for leading in the direction God may want us...could be anywhere as far as Alaska, Washington, or Pennsylvania! I feel like we can really compliment each other with our ministry, as he is so solid in Bible, theology, and teaching, and I am experienced in youth ministry with a youth min degree. together i think God's made a pretty cool team. can't wait to see what God's gonna do this year. I'm pretty hyped up about all this. I'm at a pretty cool point of my life, i must say. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

From Scratch...

Last valentine's day i made Ryan coupons of things I would do. One of them was to cook him dinner whenever he wanted. He finally put the coupons to good use, and I made him dinner saturday night. So, i put to use the Christmas gift the Schurman's gave me, and made Ryan Yummy pesto Chicken, french bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese, and for dessert Peach pie (which i found out was his Favorite pie ever!!! score!) I have never ever ever never in my life made a full meal, ALL FROM SCRATCH, and i did it on Saturday night...I am so proud of myself, so i'm posting the pics that document this memorable occasion.

here are the recipes i is Dani's recipe and the other is from the cookbook she gave me...

I made a real dough ball!!! i've never done that before! and i followed directions and actually got the RIGHT results!!!! (i've never done that either!!)

It turned out to be sooooooooooo yummy and he LOVED it...I topped it with vanilla ice cream...yum!

Herez the pesto chicken!!!!!  it was sooo easy and sooo yummy...Ryan loved it!
I forgot to take pics of the finished products, but it was actually ALOT of fun to make everything. Never thought i'd enjoy cooking, but i really really really did, and I'm gonna try again next saturday night. Im so excited! I've never gotten so much satisfaction out of something as serving my man dinner...haha, i loved it. He's so cute too, he made me feel so good to, with sweet compliments and enthusiastic reactions whenever i brought something new out. can't wait to cook another meal for him!:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

winter break...

Here are a few pics from my winter break...looooved it!

started out with visitors at work!:) Dani, Clark, and Lily gave me an apron, cookbook, bread basket, measuring spoons, and recipes for Christmas...I LOVED it. (for those that don't know, i don't know a thing about cooking, so now i'm gonna work on my domestic skills.

isn't this the cutest apron?

my favorite chicago family.
one day this is how i'll look...with my own kids;) i love this pic, it makes me smile.
going home is always such a treat. i try to spend as much time as possible with my family...sisters...God's gift of best friends.

our lil boy, Peyton...the best dog in the world.
i can always count on ton of laughing while i'm home.

and seeing blessings from my past:)

the fraley girls are so much fun.

sister dates are the best...

and seeing old friends:) Chloe and i have known each other since she was in the third grade back in Jacksonville NC!

i even got to have some time with the girls i'd grown to love this past summer...they're in highschool now!:)
Danielle Bratz totally blows me away with her maturity, yet girly spirit!:)

Lauren Ward is an absolute sweetheart
megan cracks me up with her sarcastic remarks and her sense of humor;)
these girls ALWAYS provide a crazy fun time.
on of my best friends, peyton...he's the most loyal, sweetest, and adorable dog in the world.
he's good at his tricks and i'm proud of him:)
got to see Lindsay, one of my bridesmaids.
and have a late night IHOP run with our other family.

mirror pics are the best...

and coffee with our feet "off" the tables.

lucky swing or unlucky swing?

sushi with the family!!!!!mmmmmmm...

my mom

and daddy

and the three juniors:)

my home sweet home.

OH!!! and this is view of where the reception for my wedding will be at...on Fripp Island!

the perfect sized chapel with ONE aisle to walk down:)

naps with my boo boo are the best...i like it better when i'm hugging him and we can cuddle:) 

Well, my last college break at home is over. next Christmas I could be either in Kansas, Beaufort, or Chicago! who knows?:) i'm excited for whats to come this year...

Monya, Sophia, and Anya

Monya, Sophia, and Anya
asking for prayer this week for them...