Sunday, April 25, 2010

next step up

this is the next step i want to take in pictures and good blogging:). it's not quite an SLR, but definitely not just a point and shoot pocket camera.
the pictures it'll take our crisp and vibrant.
it's just a dream right now-cuz we're being careful with the finances God's blessed us with. But hey, i can dream (and maybe even hope for this for my birthday;)).

Monday, April 19, 2010

the last songs

I did not have high expectations of this movie. I LOVE the book, which my husband surprised me with when it first came out, but when I saw Miley Cyrus was the gal, i didn't have much hope that the movie would be as good as the book. it took a whole week for this movie to reach storm lake, so ryan and i went and saw it at matinee price:) (well, since i was taking ryan, i wanted to make sure that if the movie stunk, he didn't have to suffer twice with paying for this movie and then sitting through the movie:))

but i freakin' LOVED the movie. I was in tears for most of it, and (shhh) so was my sweet husband. it hit him in a soft spot. both of us were pretty touched by it. So yes, go see it if it's still at your theater. it'll make you wanna hug your momma and daddy as much as you can, and for me, it made me completely homesick. the gorgeous south was more than evident in this movie, and seeing the beautiful ocean, palm trees, and moss, was unmistakably southern beauty. driving through corn fields and smelling cow poo rather than salt air, definitely did not help. I left the theater longing to go home to SC.

[here's the last time i touched the warm sand of our beautiful sc beach.]
oh well.

Friday, April 9, 2010


more packages please.
i loved this.
the contents were wonderful.
and yummy.
and the letter from the Philippines was just precious.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

losing it.

i have lost NINE POUNDS since i started working out and eating well.
whoot! still going, and trying to lose the last 11 pounds.
Post-marriage weight gain, my butt-not this gal;)
post-marriage weight lost-hallelujah.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

snacking on green and yellow


when i come home from work, i need a little something in my tummy to fuel me up until dinner time. i take out my lil knife, slice up on of these avocados, and eat half with lemon or lime juice, and a little garlic salt. mmm....

these are great in burgers, sandwiches, or over salads. they're a fave of mine!

Friday, April 2, 2010

heart it.

love, love, love:
1. my mom's breakfast: bacon, eggs, rice, and sausage. mmmm...
2. early morning worship-just me and God.
3. productivity-sitting in front of a tv for hours and hours and being lazy drives me nuts!
4. taking care of my husband and home-one of the most wonderful joys in my life.
5. being called, "mrs. BB."
6. letters in the mail that you don't expect.
7. being with my ah-mazing seesters.
8. shopping trips-love them more so now, because it's a rare occasion!
9. filling up empty spaces with colorfulness
10. peppermint mocha creamer by coffee mate is now a year round flavor!
11. text messages
12. bike riding-can't wait to get the tires all pumped up!
13. peyton manning gamboa

14. my hubby's arms-he's buff!
15. playing catch
16. being active outside
17. the 41st minute of phew.;)
18. seeing my husband's face when i'm walking out of the school and he's picking me up.
19. laughing. with my family. nuttin' like it. nuff said.
20. colorful throw pillows!

(oh, so many more things that i just heart so much. more to come at a later time.)

Monya, Sophia, and Anya

Monya, Sophia, and Anya
asking for prayer this week for them...