Tuesday, April 6, 2010

losing it.

i have lost NINE POUNDS since i started working out and eating well.
whoot! still going, and trying to lose the last 11 pounds.
Post-marriage weight gain, my butt-not this gal;)
post-marriage weight lost-hallelujah.


Ilene Joyce said...

wow, crazy girl. but you better be eating or mom will be coming up with a ton of food for you in the next few weeks...that you can't resist!

Ryan and Kristine said...

that's the right way to lose way. eat!:) not deprive yourself of good food. i eat well, portion well, and enjoy good food!:) i'm running too-and as the weather's getting nicer, the more active i'm getting. but i'm encouraged, cuz that was nine pounds that i lost in the winter months!:)

lindsay said...

Yay Kristine! I'm workin' on that very thing (and HOPING not to gain those newlywed pounds in a couple months!)

Monya, Sophia, and Anya

Monya, Sophia, and Anya
asking for prayer this week for them...